Boda NetAudit

Boda NetAudit (NetAudit) is a next generation network audit, optimization and configuration management tool with support for multiple vendors, technologies and software versions. NetAudit continuously collects and monitors network configuration management (CM), fault management (FM) and performance management (PM) data. It also automatically identifies optimization issues and network misconfigurations based on a set of inbuilt as well as custom rules defined by the operator. With over a million parameters to be managed, NetAudit enables efficient monitoring and quick network configuration changes through recommendations and XML/MML write back.

Key features:

  • Support for multiple vendors, technologies and software versions
  • Automated retrieval and parsing of network configuration management data
  • Generation of inconsistency reports
  • Automated rule based audit checks
  • Web based access from centralized server
  • Network parameter defaults and parameter templates
  • Change history tracking
  • Network Optimization through correlation of PM,FM and CM data
  • Network changes through XML and MML write back
  • Easy integration with external system and data sources


  • Improvement in network efficiency through automatic monitoring and identification of network configuration issues
  • Improvement in response time to network performance issues through quick optimization changes provided by network write back
  • Improvement in the optimization team’s workflow through the use of custom audit rules for network analysis
  • Change history tracking allows quick fall back and recovery in case of wrong configurations.

Use cases

  • Network configuration audits: Network operators and managed service providers are able to accurately monitor changes in the network configuration. A variety of in built and custom reports are provided and are useful to ensure data integrity with advanced filtering options. With support for multiple vendors, software version upgrades and introduction of new vendor equipment or swap out of previous vendors is greatly facilitated.
  • Network Optimization: Network operators can quickly optimize their networks through automated monitoring and audit of the network configuration and correlating it with changes in the performance management and fault management data. Through the definition of network logical groups and parameter templates, joint cell optimization for a cluster of cells is easier.
  • Auditing managed services providers: Network operators can easily monitor managed services performance by defining Service Level Agreement around the network’s configuration state. They are also able to correlate PM KPIs with the network’s configuration health.

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